Both in the TOEFL iBT and the TOEIC, there are multiple-choice questions for the Listening Section, in addition to a couple of drag-and-drop type questions.

  • There is a time limit for each listening task. When the time is over, your responses are saved by the software.
  • You cannot go back to the previous page in a listening activity.
  • You can take each listening task only one time.
  • As in a real test environment, you cannot control (stop, pause or rewind) the audio file in this website. When you visit a listening activity page, the audio file starts automatically. If it does not, this means that your internet browser is blocking this feature. In order to make sure that you will not have such a problem when you start an activity, you should use the activity titled “Test Your Browser” first.
  • After you complete an activity in the Listening Section, your responses are checked by the software and you are provided with the result.