Available courses

Forum, video conference, chat sections for the Test of English users

  • Photographs (6 questions)
  • Question-Response (25 questions)
  • Conversations (39 questions; 13 conversations with 3 questions each)
  • Single Talks (30 questions; 10 talks with 3 questions each)

  • Incomplete Sentences (30 questions)
  • Text Completion (16 questions)
  • Single Passages (29 questions; 10 passages with 2-4 questions each)
  • Multiple Passages (25 questions; 5 sets of double or triple passages with 5 questions per set)

  • Question 1-2: Reading Aloud
  • Question 3-4: Picture Description
  • Question 5-7 Survey Question
  • Question 8-10: Providing Information
  • Question 11: Opinion

  • Question 1-5: Pictures (8 minutes)
  • Question 6: Email (10 minutes)
  • Question 7: Email (10 minutes)
  • Question 8: Essay (30 minutes)

  • Listening - 100 questions
  • Reading - 100 questions
  • Speaking - 11 tasks
  • Writing - 8 tasks

In this section, you will be able to demonstrate your ability to understand conversations and lectures in English. Answer the questions based on what is stated or implied by the speakers. You can listen to each conversation and lecture only one time. You must answer each question and you cannot return to previous questions. 

This section tests your ability to comprehend academic reading passages. It consists of two passages and a set of questions about each of them. All of the questions are worth one point except for the last question in each set. Special directions for the last question will tell you how many points it is worth. You have 35 minutes in which to complete this section of the test. 

In this section, you will be able to demonstrate your ability to speak in English about a variety of topics by answering four questions. The first question is about a familiar topic. The next two questions begin with a reading passage. The passage will go away, and you will listen to either a conversation or a lecture on the same topic. You will then be presented with a question that asks you to combine information about what you have read and heard. In the final question, you will be presented with a lecture. You will then be asked to summarize the lecture. Your responses will be scored on your ability to speak clearly and coherently, and to accurately convey the information that you have read and/or heard. It is important to use your own words and provide an original response. Including memorized reasons and examples may result in a lower score.

In this section, you will be able to demonstrate your ability to use writing to communicate in an academic environment. There will be two writing tasks. In the first task, you will read a passage about an academic topic; you will have 3 minutes to read it. Then you will listen to a lecture about the same topic. After that, you will have 20 minutes to combine/summarize what you have listened to and read. For the second task, you will read an online discussion. A professor has posted a question about a topic, and some classmates have responded with their ideas. You will then write a response that contributes to the discussion. You will have 10 minutes to write your response. Your responses will be scored on your ability to write correctly, clearly, and coherently, as well as on your ability to respond to the questions as fully as possible.

In the Reading section, you will answer questions about reading passages. (20 questions, 35 minutes)

In the Listening section, you will answer questions about conversations and lectures. (28 questions, 36 minutes)

In the Speaking section, you will be presented with four questions. The first question is about a familiar topic. The other questions ask you to speak about reading passages, conversations, and lectures. (4 tasks, 16 minutes)

In the Writing section, you will be presented with two writing tasks. The first task asks you to write about a reading passage and a lecture. The second task asks you to write a post for an academic discussion. (2 tasks, 30 minutes)